Phoebe Maxwell
Hey, my name is Phoebe Maxwell and this is my portfolio. There is no doubt that FIFA has the absolute leadership of the generation . The purchasing ratio has shot up in favor of the Americans who, for five years, seem to have no rival in the ball at the feet at commercial level. From what we have seen in the EA Play 2018 we made several conclusions, the first being that the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League was a foreseeable but not less effective move, an added value for a title that already had more than enough licenses. . If you currently have FIFA 18 you will be fully aware of the problems that have been most accused in your defensive system, impossible to stop centers or crossed shots . FIFA 19 will solve these problems through a new shooting mechanic called Timed Finishing . Now, in addition to the normal shot of all life, we can make a shot of higher quality if we calculate accurately the tempo of the shot. Its operation is very simple to explain: now, after pressing the firing button, if we press again when the foot makes contact with the ball, we will obtain a substantial bonus of power and precision. Although at the beginning it is difficult to tame,once past the first couple of games it is relatively easy to plug these cannon shots from outside the area .

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